Come further up

Deep in my heart I find You
You're the way and the truth
In the depths of my soul
I can hear You call out
Hear You calling my name
Again and again
When I Listen and Pray
I can hear how You say

Come further up
Come further in
Com looking for grace
Till we stand face to face
If you're looking for love
If you're looking for peace
If you want to be free
You will find me

Here in this world I cave in
I'm not strong I am weak
My aim incomplete
Missguided and bleak
But as I lift up my eyes
I see the glory and pow'r
Of the One lifted High
And I hear him call out

Come further up
Come further in

Whenever I call out Your name
I know You called first
When you fill me up with your love
I can feel my heart burst
You ave a plan and a will for my life
To dwell in the place of your grace
hear You calling my name

Come further up
Come further in


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