6 maj 2010. Går i moll.

All I was
Seem lost in history
For me
All I had
Is gone, is disapered
For me
The ground is shaking
My rules are broken
The house is torn down
The base is gone
I am lost on an open road
Without a shelter from the rain

(The) road I walked
Was streaching out ahead
For me
Now it's dim
A crossroad is the choice
For me
I'm leaning left
But I'm longing right
I am choosing right
But I'm going left
There is nothing certain I'm standing
Without shelter from the rain.

Life, has proven harder
Than I thought, 
Thougt it would be. 
Life, coming against me
It has changed
I into me

Nothing's the same
Everythings changed
Nothing is kept 
All tears are wept 
I am standing in a crossroad
Without shelter from the rain.


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