The Prinsess song

En sång om att Jesus älskar oss fast vi inte är några prinsessor, tvärt om faktiskt, vi är oftast lite mer som rännstensungar. Behöver en vers till.

When Cinderella met prince Charming
She was dressed for the scene
She had the dress and the pumpkin
The image was suprem
At heart she was a prinsess
now the rest of the world could see
this wasn't the case with me

When Sleeping Beauty met prince Charming
She was sleeping like a rock
But still she was a picture perfect
soon the wedding guests would flock
They never had a converstion
but were as happy as they could be
This wasn't the case with me.

I'm not a princess at heart,
I'm nor even good
I am a girl from the gutter
Filthy as could be
Not a beauty in a tower
Not a princess at heart
Nothing hidden to discover
Nothing reat that could star
when I look at myself
all I can see
is that girl from the gutterFilthy as can be
Nothing royal about me
Not a princess at heart
Nothing hidden to discover
Nothing great that could start

Still that's what you see in me
You see what the world can't see

The day when I met prince Charming
I was a broken little child
Sleeping Beauty was a princess
Cinderella good and mild
We have nothing in common
still he told me "you are mine"
I could see how His love made Him shine.


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